New Layout + Update

I’ve recently updated my website, so it has a much cleaner look to it. I’m pretty happy with it, but if anyone has any feedback, I would love to hear it.

I’m currently working on art + writing projects for school, so owed art and other pieces will be slow- But I will still work on them when I get around to it. I have my Big Picture exhibition coming up in six or seven weeks, and I’m basing it around the question “What is Art?”. I hope to include my personal beliefs on what art is, how art can be incorporated into other subjects, and possibly how art affects other people.

I am aiming to produce some visual pieces for this task: A work in progress of a Portal Fan-fiction I am writing (And it’s not a romance heavy fan-fic, it will be more of an AU) or possibly the completed work, as well as some concept art for it.

If anyone would like to be interviewed by me on what art means to them, contact me at, or via my Instagram.

Thanks for reading,


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