Free Images

Are you an artist, video maker or just someone who likes using pretty pictures as backgrounds? You might be interested in a few links I have for you!

I often see people saying things like “credit to google”. This is really, really bad. In some cases, illegal. Although many images that can be found online are free, many others are not. Also, Google is a search engine, so crediting the search engine provides no real acknowledgements to the photo’s owner.

If you use image released under the CC0 license may be used for any legal personal and some commercial purposes without having to credit the photographer. (Find more information here)

I have compiled a small list of my personal favourite free-to-use image websites for you!



Pexels is absolutely amazing, this is the website I use most. Pexels images are gorgeous, stunning quality, plentiful, and may be used for legal personal and commercial uses, provided the image is not used in offensive or illegal way. Pexels also offers CC0 videos, but on a different website.

More on their license:


Pixabay is pretty good too! I haven’t used it as much, but I think it might have a few more photos than Pexels, so I always have it as a backup if I can’t find what I want on Pexels. Many images are shared between the websites, so don’t fret if you only want to use one website!

License and other information:


I have only just discovered Unsplash today, but from what I can tell so far, it’s just as amazing as the other websites. The first few images I saw were beautiful. On their license information page there is a lovely demonstration on how to properly give credit, even though it isn’t required for Unsplash photos.



I don’t know much about this website, it’s a bit bigger, popularity wise, than the other websites (I think). I haven’t used it much, I just saw it mentioned somewhere. The license agreement is much longer on this website, and there are paid account options, leading me to believe not all images are CC0. Regardless, it is still another resource for you and your endeavours!



That’s it from me! Good luck all, contact me if you need any help! The featured image used is from Pexels!