Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

I see a lot of people comparing themselves to others, and in my opinion, much of it is unfair. We are all very, very different. Our experiences and how we deal with them is different, our opinions of other people’s actions is different. So why do we still constantly compare ourselves?

For example, if someone is really truly heartbroken because their hamster died, don’t tell them, “Don’t be upset, there are people who are your age who have lost their parents.” Why? Because what if this person who has lost their hamster is experiencing their worst heartbreak yet? What if they haven’t experienced a worse sadness before?

Although the death of a pet and the death of a parent are very different, the two people could both be feeling the worst they have ever felt.

It is good to appreciate that your situation is better than others, if you feel comfortable doing that, but don’t use it against them.

And another thing, don’t immediately assume that to this person their hamster has less value to them than say, a parent. What if their parents had abandoned them at an early age, and this hamster was their only solace?

Take that example and apply it to situations you have witnessed or been a part of before you comment. Just ask yourself, is it really fair so compare their feelings to your own or to others’? Is it really fair to compare the value of an object to how much or little the object means to you?

But again, this is just my opinion, and is not necessarily right, wrong or fact.

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Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay strong.