About & Contact

I’m Laura, a young artist and fursuit maker from Australia!

I’ve been focused on drawing since 2011, and drawing digitally since 2014. I studied Art Production 3 in 2018, and plan to continue studying art in 2019.

I made my first fursuit head in 2014 and have been making them ever since! I’m yet to make a bodysuit, but I have made about 9 heads, a handful of tails, and a few pairs of paws!

I hope to expand my portfolio of artwork and fursuits in the future!



Here are all the places I can be reached, in order of preference!

  • Instagram: CrepeThePancake
  • Instagram: CrepeMakes
  • Telegram: CrepeThePancake
  • Skype: CrepeScape
  • Email: CrepeThePancake@gmail.com
  • Twitter: CrepeThePancake
  • DeviantArt: CrepeThePancake

If you do not have any of these, I am reachable through Facebook, SnapChat, and occasionally some other places, but I do not use them and do not particularly like using them. That being said, if it is your only option, I can definitely be reached there.

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